2004 Westbound Train "A New Hope" tour (North America)

2004 Westbound Train "Warped Tour" (North America)

2005 Westbound Train "Ska Brawl " tour (North America) with the Toasters(NYC) and Mustard Plug(MI)

2005 Westbound Train "Ska Brawl Europe" (Central and Eastern Europe) with the Toasters(NYC)

2006 Westbound Train (North America) with The English Beat(UK)

2006 Westbound Train "Summer Of Ska" tour (North America) with Catch 22(NJ) and Big D & The Kid Table(MA)

2006 Westbound Train "Fall Of Ska" tour (North America) with Reel Big Fish(CA) and Streetlight Manifesto(NJ)

2007 Westbound Train headline tour (Europe and UK) with various artists

2007 Westbound Train "Hellcat Records" tour (North America) with The Nekromantix(Denmark)

2008 Westbound Train (North America) with Beduin Soundclash(CA) and the Beat Union(UK)

2008 Westbound Train "SHOUT IT LOUD 2" tour (US) with Less Than Jake(FL), Goldfinger(CA)

2009 The Void Union (US east coast)

2009 The Void Union (US mid-west)

2009 Westbound Train "Warped Tour" (North America) With NOFX (CA) Bad Religion (CA) Fishbone (CA)

2009 Westbound Train (Spain)

2010 The Toasters (North America and Mexico)

2010 Void Union (Central and Eastern Europe)

2010 Thousands Of One (Various North America)

2010 Dave Hillyard and the Rocksteady 7 (Various North America)

2011 Toasters 30th anniversary tour (North America)